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[Top] Mahnoor Rafi, Michael Farris, Jason Liao, Aanya Arora, Isaiah Aladejob | [Bottom] Juhi Nagpal, Anmol Govinda Rao, Nooriyah Gulamhusein, Nicole Lee | [Not Pictured] Carmen Belmonte Sandoval, Elaine Liu, Li June Choi, Victoria Liang

Photographer: Bartlomiej Saminski

Aanya Arora Co-President and Design & Marketing Team Lead
BArch 2024 | Architecture

Aanya is a senior in Architecture and is a TEDxRISD Co-President as well as the lead of the Design & Marketing Team. Aanya has a passion for bringing people together and creating spaces for RISD community members to voice their thoughts and experiences. During her free time she like’s trying different vegan recipes and skateboarding!

︎ aarora@risd.edu     ︎@aanyaarora
Michael Farris 
Co-President and Operation Team Lead
BArch 2023 | Architecture

Michael is a 5th-year in the Architecture Department and is the Co-President of TEDxRISD, where he leads the Operations Team. During his time at RISD, Michael enjoys venturing outside of the studio for an afternoon run or a long weekend skiing. You can hear more from Michael on the rizdeology podcast - seasons one & two.

︎ mfarri01@risd.edu     ︎@mikeyfarris

Victoria Liang Co-President and Curation Team Lead
BFA 2023 | Industrial Design

Victoria is a senior in Industrial Design and the lead of Curation Team. Victoria is passionate about designing things that will impact others positively. Aside from her main focus in UX design, she loves to make custom bags for herself and others! Outside of studio, Victoria is jamming to French music and on her way to go horseback riding.

︎ vliang02@risd.edu     ︎@vvictorialiang
Juhi NagpalCuration Team
BFA 2025 | Film, Animation and Video

Juhi is a sophomore in FAV and is a part of the curation team in TEDxRISD. Juhi loves watching and talking people's ear off about movies. Her passion in life is animation and she hopes to become a successful animator one day. Outside of RISD, you might catch Juhi embarassing herself at the gym or watching anime in bed.

︎ jnagpal@risd.edu       ︎@juhinagpal5

Na Yong LeeCuration Team
BFA 2024 | Graphic Design

Nicole is a Junior in Graphic Design, and is a member of the curation team in TEDxRISD. Nicole loves visual systems and solving design problems with engaging solutions. In her free time you can find her can find her trying to beat level 4551 in Candy Crush.

︎ nlee05@risd.edu     ︎@nicole.nlee
Nooriyah Gulamhusein Curation Team
BFA 2024 | Interior Architecture

Nooriyah is a Junior in Interior Architectureand a member of the curations team. Nooriyah is particularly interested in adaptive reuse and sustainable architecture for a greener future. Her design explores the interdisciplinary nature of art and architecture to create experiential spaces that serve many functions. Nooriyah also enjoys good weather, swimming and traveling.

︎ ngulamhu@risd.edu     ︎@nooriyahfg

Anmol Govinda Rao Design & Marketing Team
BFA 2023 | Graphic Design

Anmol is a Senior in Graphic Design and a member of the Design & Marketing Team. Anmol has a passion for branding, motion graphics, and typography. In his spare time, Anmol likes to drown himself in coffee and nerd out over art & design tools.

︎ agovinda@risd.edu     ︎@agraaaaao
Jason Liao Design & Marketing Team
BFA 2023 | Industrial Design

Jason Liao is a Senior in Industrial Design and a member of the Design& Marketing team. He specializes in footwear design and soft goods development and obtains heavy interests in graphic design and digital media.

︎ cliao@risd.edu     ︎@3j3a3s3o3n

Li June Choi Design & Marketing Team
BFA 2023 | Graphic Design

Li June is a junior in Graphic Design and part of the Design + Marketing Team. Li June focuses on web-design and brand design, which culminates in motion graphics and 3D posters. Outside of class, you can see her watching movies or anime.

︎ lchoi01@risd.edu     ︎@lij.choi
Mahnoor Rafi Design & Marketing Team
BFA 2023 | Graphic Design

Mahnoor is a senior in Graphic Design and a member of the TEDXRISD marketing team. She loves working with 3D rendering and motion graphics. Her recent interest is in extending digital design to public space, with a focus on human interaction in designed spaces. Outside of class, you'll find her trying to improve her cooking skills.

︎ mrafi@risd.edu    ︎@mahnoorrafi

Yinjia Liu Operation Team
BFA 2025 | Illustration

Yinjia (Elaine) Liu is an undergraduate student at Rhode Island School of Design, pursuing BA in Illustration. She insists that TED is cross-border and conducts in-depth exchanges with people from all walks of life. She joined TED to work on integrating art into all areas of speech and storytelling.

︎ yliu24@risd.edu ︎@elainejia10
Isaiah Aladejobi Operation Team
MFA 2023 | Industrial Design

Isaiah is a 2nd graduate student in Industrial Design and a member of the operations team of TEDxRISD. At RISD, he wishes to learn Industrial Design to help preserve culture with the present resources and create a future where we can shape spaces and objects to open up new dialogue.

︎ ialadejo@risd.edu ︎@pzaycreates